About Phlizz

About Phlizz

Phlizz is the online magazine of the Dutch Lewis Carroll Society (Genootschap).
In general, articles in Phlizz will be in Dutch; no English translation will be presented. We do, incidentally, accept contributions in the English language.
English contributions to Phlizz will, in addition to their appearance in the magazine, also be listed on this page.

The aim of Phlizz is to provide a means of communication with and between the society’s friends and followers. It contains news from the society itself, announcements and reviews of relevant activities and publications in the Dutch speaking region, original analyses and research by the society’s friends and a range of  interesting facts from the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Phlizz distinguishes itself from the society’s print journal dodo/nododo: Phlizz is directed towards the society’s relations, while dodo/nododo is a journal in the spirit of Lewis Carrolls, aiming at a broader audience.

Phlizz is freely accesible for everyone via the society’s website. Previous issues remain available in an online archive.

Phlizz distinguishes the following categories for its publications:

Editorial board
The Editorial Board of Phlizz consists of Bas Savenije, Mikos Teuben, Henk van Viegen and Wilma Vlug.

Unless stated otherwise, the copyright of the contributions remains with the authors, under the license CC BY 4.0 (Attribution 4.0 International), see https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode.

Submissions, questions and comments may be sent to phlizz@lewiscarrollgenootschap.nl.