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Online magazine van het Lewis Carroll Genootschap

Amanda Kennell
Alice in Japanese Wonderlands. Translation, Adaptation, Mediation
Uitgever: University of Hawai’i Press (2023)
ISBN 9780824895600, 9780824894443, 222 pag.

Caroline Dionne
Design Theory, Language and Architectural Space in Lewis Carroll
Uitgever: Routledge (31 juli 2023)
ISBN 9781032285009, 152 pag.

Gardiner, Karen
A New Evaluation: The Theological Influence of F. D. Maurice on the Imaginative Works of Lewis Carroll.
PhD thesis, University of Nottingham (maart 2023).

November 2023:

Saniela Volpari (illustratie) & Elena Campi (bewerking)
Alice nel paese della meravigli
Taal: italiaans
Uitgever: Joybook
ISBN 9788866408963, Hardcover 48 pag.

Februari 2024:

Michelle Witen & John D. Morgenstern (eds.)
Modernism in Wonderland: Legacies of Lewis Carroll.
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN 9781350248717

Retracing the steps of a surprising array of 20th century writers who ventured into the fantastical, topsy-turvy world of Lewis Carroll’s fictions, this book demonstrates the full extent of Carroll’s legacy in literary modernism. Testing the authority of language and mediation through extensive word-play and genre-bending, the Alice books undoubtedly prefigure literary modernism at its upmost experimental.

The collection’s chapters look beyond literary style to show how Carroll’s writings had a far-reaching impact on modern life, from commercial culture to politics and philosophy. This book shows us the Alice we recognize from Carroll’s novels but also the Alice modernist writers encountered through
the looking-glass of these extraliterary discourses. Recovering a common touchstone between the likes of T. S. Eliot, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, W. H. Auden, and writers conventionally regarded on the periphery of modernist studies, such as Dorothy L. Sayers, Sylvia Plath, Jorge Luis Borges, Flann O’Brien, and Vladimir Nabokov, this volume ultimately provides a new entry-point into a more broadly conceptualised global modernism.
Zie verder:

Alice in a World of Wonderlands: the English-Language Editions of the Four Alice Books Published Worldwide that explores the legacy of the four Alice books: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, Alice’s Adventures under Ground, and The Nursery “Alice.” 
Onder redactie van Jon A. Lindseth and Arnold Hirshon.
De uitgave bestaat uit twee delen: “Volume 1 contains 11 essays on the publishing and textual history, 5 on the history of the illustration of Alice (with over 550 images), and 17 life essays by major scholars and collectors. Volume 2 comprises checklist entries of 4,400 editions of the four books, statistical analysis, and both publisher and illustration indexes.”