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dodo/nodo. tijdschrift in de geest van Lewis Carroll.

Number 1, December 2017.

Editors: Jur Koksma, Joep Stapel
96 pages
ISBN 978-90827987-0-8
Price € 18,65


Number 2, December 2018.

No longer available

Our new journal dodo/nododo is a significant symptom of the revival of the Dutch Lewis Carroll Society. A new name, a new design. The journal aims at contributing to the survival of Lewis Carroll and Alice and contains not only studies of Lewis Carroll’s life and work, but also original publications that perpetuate the spirit of Lewis Carroll: contributions with an original style and special attention for language, puzzles, fantasy and nonsense.

The editorial board of dodo/nododo consists of Jur Koksma en Joep Stapel and the designer is Michiel Terpelle.

A number of the contributions is in English.


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