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Jabberwocky. Het nonsensgedicht Jabberwocky van Lewis Carroll in een nieuwe Nederlandse, zes bestaande Nederlandse, twee Afrikaanse vertalingen, met begeleidend essay.

Editor: Henri Ruizenaar, 2018.
60 pages
ISBN 78-90-827987-1-5
Price € 20

Henri Ruizenaar has collected six Dutch and two African translations of Jabberwocky, the famous nonsense poem from Through the looking-glass. When available, also the corresponding translation of the dialogue between Alice and Humpty Dumpty about the famous first  stanza is presented.

In addition, Jur Koksma and Joep Stapel composed a new Dutch translation of Jabberwocky, especially for this edition. They also wrote an accompanying essay about their ‘struggle with the Jabberwock’ and the variety of solutions created by the different translators for the Jabberwocky puzzle.

The design of this publication is by Iris Cousijnsen.



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