Dutch Bibliography

Bibliography of Dutch-editions of Lewis Carroll’s Masterpieces

Compiled and Annotated by Henri Ruizenaar

Translations/Adaptations of
1) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
2) Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there
3) The Hunting of the Snark
4) Other languages/dialects published in The Netherlands
5) Disney – editions
6) Various

1. This is an updated bibliography (01/01/2018) from the book Alice in a World of Wonderlands (2015) and the
first Catalogue (1982) by Mary Boxen and provides pictures of frontcovers and other things worth knowing
2. Additions and improvements are very welcome: hruizenaar@outlook.com
3. The Bibliography contains all (?) Dutch/Flemish LC-publications (books and magazine’s) until 2017.
4. Lay-out structure:

Year, Dutch/English Title, City/Publisher, Translator/Adaptor, Illustrator(s), Notes