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Nederlandse Bibliografie

Bibliography of Dutch-editions of and in response to Lewis Carroll’s Work
Compiled and Annotated by Henri Ruizenaar

A)  Translations/Adaptations of

1) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (AIW); see also 6)
2) Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there (TLG); see also 6)
3) The Hunting of the Snark (HOS)
4) Other languages/dialects (AIW and TLG) published in The Netherlands
5) Disney – editions of AIW and TLG
6) Various minor editions of (parts of) AIW and TLG
7) Other work (diary, letters, poems, etc.)

B) Dutch publications on secondary literature of Lewis Carroll and his work

1) Monographs
2) Essays in books and (literary) magazines

C)  Science publications

1) Dissertations and Theses
2) Orations and such



1. This is an updated and more extensive bibliography (01/01/2024) from the book Alice in a World of Wonderlands (2015) and the first Catalogue (1982) by Mary Boxen and provides pictures of front-covers and other things worth knowing.
2. Additions and improvements are very welcome:
3. The Bibliography contains all (?) Dutch/Flemish LC-publications (books and magazines) and non-Dutch publications published in The Netherlands until 2023.
4. Lay-out structure: Year, Dutch Title, City/Publisher, Translator/Adaptor, Illustrator(s), Notes